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The Hill in Westridge, Okotoks

Welcome to The Hill in Westridge, Okotoks

Feel the stress of big city living drain away the closer you get to the space and freedom of The Hill in Westridge in Okotoks.

No community is an island and every attempt is being made to blend the Hill into the existing community of Westridge and embrue it with the small-town character of Okotoks. This will be accomplished through maintaining a rich variety of open spaces and streetscapes. Lot widths and architectural styles will be appropriately consistent with surrounding neighbourhoods. Also features such as street-facing verandas, dormers, traditional windows and doors will reflect many of the area's historical homes. All helping to reinforce the already strong sense of community pride, values and heritage.

Not one, not two, but three parks will give additional sense of space and purpose to the community. One will be located at the highest point and boast stunning river valley views. One will be equipped with amenities for informal games and recreation. And one will be designed specifically to be a tranquil oasis - a gathering place for the community, it will be plainly visible and easily accessible from all parts of it.

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